Rivington the 3rd age

It was the manor house for the Lords of the Manor of Rivington. The hall is of various builds as successor to a 15th-century timber-framed courtyard house that was built near to the present building of which no trace remains. The Rector of Standish, Roger Standish in was the last surviving trustee of the estates of Alexander Pilkington of the Pilkington family of Lancashire who had died in and held the families land in Rivington and Mellor in trust, the original beneficiary being his son Ralph who also died the same year.

The trust had been created in with trustees named as Thurstan Pilkington Chaplain and his brother Thomas, with Ralph his son appointed as his attorney to deliver seisen. Roberts ownership of lands in Mellor was challenged legally and physically by his uncle, William De Aynesworth and his son who carried out raids on properties on the estate and harassed the tenants and took numerous costly legal actions and even abducted Robert and took him prisoner, at which time they tried to poison him.

Robert Pilkington settled at Rivington where he made immediate improvements to Rivington Hall. The first hall was built of wood and plaster. The chantry at the altar of St Nicholas at the Church of the St WilfridStandish was founded and records of a memorial once located there recorded that Robert Pilkington had been custodian and chaplain of the chantry giving it a yearly income of six marks.

Roberts eldest son and heir Richard was born inhe married Alice Asshawe daughter of Lawrence Asshawe of Hall on the Hill, Heath Charnock inhe inherited his fathers estates on his death in Richard and Alice had a large family, their two eldest sons were George born [9] and their second son was James Pilkingtonthe first Protestant Bishop of Durham, born in the old hall ina tale has passed down through generations that James two sons, Joshua and Isaac were kidnapped at the hall near the old saw pits in Hall Wood, both died young.

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George the eldest son married Anne daughter of Geoffrey Sharkerly of Chester inas a wedding gift Richard his father gave the couple New Hall and lands belonging to it, a year after his fathers death on inheriting the hall in he passed New Hall to his mother Alice for her lifetime.

Georges eldest son Robert was born in George was appointed by letters patent in as one of the first governors of ' The Free School of Queen Elizabeth in Rivington ', he donated land inthe school was founded by his brother the Bishop of Durham, James. George died inthe hall then passed to his son Robert who had married the same year. The problem of the land enclosure had resulted in sixteen cases before the courts during the lifetime of George, more cases continued during the time of ownership by Robert.

Rivington Hall

Robert inherited the hall on the death of his father George in Robert had been Feodary of Lancashire and farmer of the Queen's mills at Earl ShiltonLeicester from until his death. He had a legal practice in London where he stayed untilhe had served as MP for Clitheroe inhe moved to Gray's Inn After the death of Robert his estate was left with debts and to pay them the hall was sold to relatives Robert Lever and Thomas Breres inthe Breres became resident at the hall, whilst New Hall and its land was retained.

In John Andrews bought the Breres' share of the estate. Robert Andrews rebuilt the hall in Their daughter, Lucy married Woodhouse Crompton in The Cromptons remained at the hall by agreement until made when they sold the estate to William Lever inLeverhulme sold the Hall, Hall Barn and land to Liverpool Corporation in Rivington Hall and Hall Barn were used as bases for troops and the Ministry of Food in World War II, the Hall had been left derelict until the intervention of William Salmon, who reinvested the profits from his business there to pay for the work of restoring the Barn Tea Rooms and the hall which by was considered for demolition.

Rivington, James

Salmon Catering has held a lease for the property since. The hall is a today a private residence. The Hall is under land registry title number LAN, the freehold is held by United Utilities and a lease is held by Salmon Catering, the Hall and adjacent barn tea room is not subject to the Liverpool Corporation Act The 15th-century wood and wattle and daub structure was demolished and the hall rebuilt in stone and extended from the end of the 17th century.

The oldest parts of the hall are to the rear where the ground floor is built of sandstone rubble with quoins whilst the upper storey is built of coursed squared sandstone indicating a later date. The central doorway, approached by a flight of four stone steps, is flanked by side lights and has a pediment. At ground floor level there are four tall, pane sash windows and on the floor above five shorter pane sashes with splayed heads. The south wing was built in brick in the 19th century and was mostly demolished and rebuilt by Robert Andrews inincorporating some of the older stone building, with a red-brick Georgian frontage.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Rivington Hall Barn.James Rivington — July 4, was an English -born American journalist who published a Loyalist newspaper in the American colonies called Rivington's Gazette.

James Rivington was born in London in In he sailed to North America and resumed his occupation in Philadelphia and in the next year opened a print-shop at the foot of Wall StreetNew York. In he began [4] to publish a newspaper "at his ever open and uninfluenced press, Hanover Square". His initially impartial stance shifted as a revolution loomed and public opinion polarized, [7] until by late [8] he was advocating the restrictive measures of the British government with such great zeal and attacking the patriots so severely, [9] that in the Whigs of Newport, Rhode Islandresolved to hold no further communication with him.

The Sons of Liberty hanged Rivington in effigy, and the patriot poet Philip Freneau published a mock speech of Rivington's supposed contrition at his execution, which Rivington reprinted.

He would appear as a leading man amongst us, without perceiving that he is enlisted under a party as a tool of the lowest order; a political crackersent abroad to alarm and terrifysure to do mischief to the cause he means to support, and generally finishing his career in an explosion that often bespatters his friends [10]. Inimmediately after the opening of hostilities, Rivington's shop was burned and looted by the Sons of Liberty.

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Assistants continued to publish the Gazetteerwith a public assurance of Rivington's personal safety from the Committee-Chamber of New York. Despite this, Isaac Sears and other New York radicals entered Rivington's office, destroyed his press, and converted his lead type into bullets. Another mob that day burned Rivington's house to the ground. Inafter the secure British occupation of that city, he returned with a new press and resumed the publication of his paper under the title of Rivington's New York Loyal Gazettewhich he changed on 13 Decemberto The Royal Gazettewith the legend ""Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty".

Rivington, who opened a drug shop, would have been the last New Yorker suspected of playing the part of a spy for the Continentals, but he furnished General George Washington with important information. The date of Rivington's secret change of heart is disputed, [15] but when New York was evacuated in NovemberRivington remained in the city, much to the general surprise and anger of New Yorkers, who believed that "those who have been enriching themselves under the However, his business rapidly declined, and he was beaten up by the Liberty Boys.

His paper ceased to exist at the end of[16] [17] and he passed the remainder of his life in comparative poverty. A complete set of his journal is conserved by the New-York Historical Society. Rivington offended his readers by the false statements that appeared in his paper, which was called by the people The Lying Gazetteand which was even censured by the Royalists for its utter disregard of truth.

The journal was well supplied with news from abroad and replenished with squibs and poems against the leaders of the Revolution and their French allies. Governor William Livingston in particular was attacked, and he wrote about "If Rivington is taken, I must have one of his ears; Governor Clinton is entitled to the other; and General Washingtonif he pleases, may take his head.

James Rivington

Freneau wrote several epigrams at his expense, the best of which was "Rivington's Last Will and Testament," including the stanza: "Provided, however, and nevertheless, That whatever estate I enjoy and possess At the time of my death if it be not then sold Shall remain to the Tories, to have and to hold.

Othello was the character in which he liked best to appear. AppletonNew York. Rivington died in New York on July 4, Rivington's name is commemorated in Rivington StreetManhattan. His son James was born in and was commissioned an Ensign in the 42nd or Royal Highland Regiment in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. James Rivington. LondonEngland. New YorkNew York. Potomac Books, Inc. James T. Retrieved August 25, — via Google Books.

rivington the 3rd age

Archived from the original on July 12, Retrieved February 17, He warned him that there was a killer on the loose and was up to kill washington.His Royal Gazette became one of the best-selling newspapers in the colonies, and it is considered the first daily newspaper to be published in the United States. He began the war as a Tory or Loyalist—someone who wanted to remain loyal to and keep the American colonies a part of England—but in he began to work as a spy for General George Washington —; see entry.

Rivington's work for the patriot cause was not known during his lifetime, however, and he died poor and unrecognized. His early life was spent in Derbyshire, but in the s, he entered into his family's publishing business in London. Inhe married Elizabeth Minshull, but she died young. Their only child died in infancy. Rivington and his brother John ran the family operation until Rivington left in to open his own publishing business with James Fletcher, Jr.

This partnership proved immensely profitable because of their success in publishing History of England, a book by Tobias Smollett —a major British author.

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According to people who knew Rivington at this time, he liked to spend money and live well. He was known for his fine clothing and for the vast amounts of money he spent at the race track in Newmarket. However, Rivington soon gambled his earnings away and declared bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the practice by which a person legally declares himself unable to pay his debts and gives to the people he owes the right to divide his belongings and take them in payment of his debts.

Threatened with debtor's prison, Rivington decided to begin a new life in the American colonies. At this time in England, many of the people in prison were there because they were unable to pay their bills. Legally, they could be kept in prison until they, or their family, paid off those debts.

Rivington immigrated to the United States and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in In America, Rivington made his living as a bookseller, and he again became successful. Upon his arrival inhe opened a book shop on Market Street in Philadelphia. He advertised himself as the only "London book seller in America" and offered to supply the public libraries with books.

He opened a third bookstore on King Street in Boston, Massachusetts, in The stores also sold other merchandise, such as paintings. Thus Rivington had created a chain of bookstores that captured a large part of the book trade in three of the colonies' largest cities: Boston in New Englandand New York and Philadelphia in what were known as the "Middle Colonies. Inwhile living in Annapolis, Maryland, he offered people shares in his "Maryland Lottery.

However, the scheme failed and Rivington again declared bankruptcy. Once again, Rivington overcame adversity. In Novemberhe opened a book-selling business as J. He again reaped success through a wise choice of authors to publish. Inhe published the poems of Charles Churchill, an English writer known for his satirical works poking fun at people or ideas. ByRivington was well enough established in New York City society that he was able to win the hand of Elizabeth Van Horne, who belonged to a prominent family.

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The couple had two sons and a daughter. Rivington's second marriage seems to have steadied him. His book-selling business continued to prosper, and inhe expanded to include a print shop that did pamphlets and handbills printed advertisements as well as books.

Accounts from the time describe Rivington as an elegant dresser, well mannered, interested in theater, and fond of high living good food and parties. In the spring ofRivington began a new venture.

rivington the 3rd age

Most readers soon shortened the name to the New-York Gazetteer. Deciding to publish a newspaper was a costly business in colonial America. First, a printing press, an expensive investment, had to be shipped from England.Most people in the early s are surprised to find out about the Rivingtons -- that's primarily because people mostly discover their existence when they hear one of the group's three hits, "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow," "Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow The Bird ," and "The Bird's the Word," which are much, much better known in their composite re-recording by the Trashmen as "Surfin' Bird".

Their version of the song was just as nonsensical, but it had amazing class and panache, and it's more than that -- it's part of a story of superb singing, bird dances and surfin' birds, great dances and even better times, before the world of the s got all dark and serious and too dangerous for good clean fun.

That lineup went through myriad reshapings to get there, along with renamings -- they weren't even the Rivingtons to start with. It all started with Al Frazierin high school in Los Angeles at the end of the s, who sang baritone and formed his own group, the Mello-Moodswhose ranks included future Platters member Paul Robi.

They had aspirations to record, but never got that lucky -- Frazier went into the army and served in Korea, which didn't interrupt his desire for a music career. They were good enough to wrangle a TV appearance locally inbut that was as far as they ascended. Then, inFrazier crossed paths with lead singer Thurston Harrisbass singer Matthew Nelsonbaritone Leon Hughesand tenor Willie Ray Rockwellat an amateur night run by the legendary deejay Hunter Hancock -- they had a group but no moves, and Frazier had some moves to suggest, and suddenly they were a quintet, then went back to being a quartet when Hughes left the lineup.

The four-man outfit, called the Lamplighterswere signed to Federal Records, part of Syd Nathan 's King Records, and began making their name all over the West Coast during the run -- up to the middle of the s. They were doing well, young men loving their work and getting lots of it, and then, while on the East Coast, Thurston Harris suddenly got homesick for Indianapolis and decided to leave the act.

The group was on hiatus and might have stayed that way if Willie Ray Rockwell hadn't pointed Frazier to a pair of singers, tenor John "Sonny" Harris and lead Carl Whitewith Nelson returning to establish the lineup that would carry them for the next few years. The only problem was that the record company felt it was ill-advised to release a new Lamplighters single with a new lead singer, so instead of picking up where the latter group had left off, they were renamed the Tenderfoots and forced to rebuild their reputation and audience.

They got four records out on Federal without any significant sales or airplay, and their bookings were similarly slim. They tried to bring Thurston Harris back into the lineup but that didn't last.

And they spent time appearing on other artists' records -- including a credit as " the Jacks " behind Paul Anka on "Blau-Wile-Deveest-Fontaine," and were signed to the Jamie label as the Sharps by producer Lester Sill of future Phil Spector fame in They bounced around some more, to Aladdin Records, where they even ended up singing behind Thurston Harrison records including "Little Bitty Pretty One.

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Then it was back to Jamie, where they cut more sides of their own and sang behind Duane Eddyamong others they were the Rebels in that incarnation. Finally, at the very end of the s, Matthew Nelson left the fold and was replaced on bass by Turner "Rocky" Wilson Jr. Their break came one day when they were fooling around in the studio and Rocky Wilson suddenly came up with the "papa-oom-mow-mow" vocal line, done basso, and everyone loved it.

The resulting LP was startlingly compelling record that Fowley steered, along with the group, to a pair of producers, Jack Levy and Adam Ross. They offered the recording to Capitol, who turned it down as a little too far-out that from a label that recorded Yma Sumac and released the single "Tsukiaki".

Instead, it went to Capitol's younger rival, Liberty Records, who bought it but then sat on it for six months trying to figure out how to sell a song called "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow. The group and their managers had no doubt how to sell it -- play it, sing it, get it heard. Which is exactly what they did, at a performing showcase for deejays in Los Angeles.

The deejays loved what they heard, and asked for a record to promote, and the managers duly provided them with "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow.Rivington is a village and civil parish of the Borough of ChorleyLancashireEngland, occupying 2, acres 4.

It is about 6 miles 9. The area has a thriving tourist industry centred around reservoirs created to serve Liverpool in the Victorian era and Lever Park created as a public park by William Lever at the turn of the 20th century, with two ancient barns, a replica of Liverpool Castle and open countryside. Rivington and its village had a population of at the Census. Another suggestion is a place at the rowan trees. Rivington was recorded in many ways in earlier centuries, RowintonRawintonand Revington were used in ; Ruhwinton inRiuiton inRowynton and Rouynton inRoynton inRouyngton inRevyngton although rare, and Rovington and Ryvington from the 16th century.

The majority share of seven-eights of the manor was originally held by the Pilkington family of Lancashire. A quarter was owned by the Lathoms and an eighth by the Shaws.

In the Shaws and their relations the Roscoes inherited the one-eight share. The Pilkington share had passed through the female line to the Crompton family after the purchase in by John Andrews of Little Lever of the Breres' share of the manor. Lever in Lever sold Rivington Hall and its land to Liverpool Corporation completing inhe and his heirs retain a perpetual interest preventing any buildings being erected except for farms and the supply of water.

He retained a residence on the hillside, shooting rights and use of Rivington Hall as a Museum of Lever Park until his death in From until the completion of the Rivington Reservoir Scheme inhabitants formed businesses providing for its large number of workers. As the Lower Rivington Reservoir was completed the tourist industry was born and has since been dominant alongside farming. Prior to this Rivington was a rural village built around what is now the village green. Its inhabitants were employed in agriculture on scattered local farms.

The textile industry was a secondary form of income until the industrial revolution, alongside farming. Textile bleaching took place on the River Douglas at Knoll Wood contaminating the water supply; this was closed and demolished in by Liverpool Corporation though the remnants of its dam still remain.

The Cottage Industry of Handloom weaving and use of the Putting-out system was common in the 18th to early 19th century, Samuel Oldknow was a prominent local figure, his family grave being at the Unitarian Chapel.

Income was also generated from the quarriescoal mining was on a small scale at Rivington Moor. A water mill and kiln was mentioned in a deed of and sale agreement of Rivington Hall inuse of a kiln would have been part of the agricultural milling process. A commercial slaughter house was located at the New Hall Barn until its demolition along with the house inits remains are still present.

rivington the 3rd age

Rivington was dramatically changed by the construction of the Rivington Reservoir Chain, part of the 10, acre Rivington watershed, [20] built to provide Liverpool with a safe, clean water supply.

Nine properties in the valley were demolished before construction work began. The Rivington Pike Scheme, still in use today, was undertaken by Thomas Hawksley between andrequiring Liverpool Corporation to purchase large areas of occupied land within the Rivington valley.

Water from two higher level reservoirs, Rake Brook and Lower Roddlesworth, was carried south in the Goit, a man-made channel connecting them to the lower reservoirs. In Liverpool Corporation attempted to acquire the entire area of Rivington to safeguard its water supply, and proposed demolishing the entire village. The Act of Parliament known as the Liverpool Corporation Act protected some buildings but others were left vulnerable.

The result was the small settlement that has remained largely unchanged since then.

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Rivington was a township in the ecclesiastical parish of Bolton le Moorsin the Salford hundred in Lancashire. The person was selected according to how quickly they got drunk on the eve of the annual event known as 'Club Day' when a day of heavy drinking commenced and villagers dressed in fancy dress, going from house to house banging on doors till the early hours of the morning to collect funds for the 'dignity of the office'.

Rivington is part of the Heath Charnock and Rivington ward. Rivington is part of the Chorley Rural East ward. Rivington is part of the Chorley parliamentary constituency, which elected Lindsay Hoyle as Member of Parliament for the Labour party at the General Election. Rivington is situated on the moorland fringe between the high moorland of the West Pennine Moors and the fields below. The landscape is characterised by marginal pastures with isolated farmsteads, reservoirs and disused mines and quarries scattered across the hillsides.

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LCS Summer Playoffs. NA Academy Summer Playoffs. LCS Summer. NA Academy Summer.He has had one of the longest careers of a sports commentator in the North American League of Legends Championship Series and has cast in several major international tournaments. Rivington is well known for his rustic 'prematurely grey' look and his smooth commentating. As of this editthis article uses content from "Rivington"which is licensed in a way that permits reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

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